Streamer, Gremlin, Professional Smooth Brain

Art By @sebyxtan (Twitter)


Do you do collab streams?
I only collab with close friends and people I've had the time to get to know. Vibes and boundaries are very important to me and I want to make sure the people I have on stream/bring my community to share the same values as I do.
Can I DM you?
Ofcourse! You can message me via Twitter or join my public Discord server in the hyperlinks above.
Please refrain from DMing me on Discord without permission!
DO NOT attempt to ERP/RP with me or make any sexually charged comments toward me.
Can I draw you?
Absolutely! Please be sure to tag me and share it with the discord! NSFW art is totally fine!
Please DO NOT draw me doing/interacting with the following: Lolicon/shota, inflation/obesity fetishes, Scat, Guro, noncon and Please DO NOT get NSFW art of myself with your Vtuber OC/Model without my explicit consent. I only get art with femme presenting people.
What are you preferred pronouns?
I use They/Them pronouns! Please do not use She/Her or correct yourself if you slip up. You don't need to apologize or anything but please resepct that!

About Me

Name: Cuppy (CuppyCakiee)
Age: 25 (25/08)
They/Them (Non-Binary)
Likes: Good Vibes, Coffee, Gaming, Music, Warhammer, Gundam, Miniature Building, Painting, Horror, Movies & Cinematography.
Dislikes: Rude people, Toxicity, Bad Vibes, Rainy Days, Burnt Coffee.
Games: The Elders Scrolls Series, Fallout, Apex, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, League of Legends, Minecraft, Terraria, Sun Haven, Stardew Valley, Warframe, Rust, DayZ and heaps more!

Art By @drulle11 | Rigging By @gyasomi